Brazilian Presidential Race Led by Polarizing Figures

Brazilian society finds itself in a situation of polarization that has been aggravated with the corruption scandals. The two leading candidates seem to represent a poor choice for most Brazilians. If the legal system can impose itself above political considerations, this is a victory for Brazilian law and order. The outcome of this election will affect the direction of Brazilian democracy and foreign policy for years to come and could lead to serious consequences for the people of Brazil and for the region.

Ahora sí es imperativa una verdadera presión latinoamericana sobre Maduro

“La presión internacional en torno al problema de Venezuela -en especial la regional- tardó mucho en activarse”. Si se hubieran tomado esas acciones más tempranas antes de que se desencadenara la actual situación, se habría podido atajar mejor el desbordamiento. Ya llegó la hora de actuar fuerte y sin complejos ante el régimen causante de la hecatombe económica, política, social y humanitaria de un país hermano y rescatar lo que queda de Venezuela para el bien de la paz y la estabilidad de todo el continente.

The President Trump and Impending Star Wars

The US could face truly challenging times because, not only provides the best possible vantage point to surveil activity on earth, it also greatly facilitates navigation, communication, targeting, and command and control. For the past 70 years, the U.S. military has leaned heavily on space as a force multiplier, integrating it as a critical component of its joint war-fighting capabilities thanks to technological advances in sensors and satellites.”